The Rutgers Biosafety Program in the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (REHS) is responsible for overseeing research performed with recombinant and synthetic genetic material, pathogenic microorganisms (affecting humans, plants and animals), select agents and toxins, human material and human cell lines, transgenic plants and transgenic animals. The biosafety office is responsible for the administration of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and works closely with many departments at Rutgers, including, but not limited to; the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Export Control, Occupational Health and Student Health. This website is meant to be used as a resource for the university community to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations regarding the work, storage, transport and disposal of biological materials.


Rutgers University Biological Safety Policies/Guidelines