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Tony Calcado and Vivian Fernández Host A Returning To Rutgers Town Hall

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Learn about Antonio Calcado's personal ordeal with COVID-19

IPO Home


Under the leadership of Antonio Calcado, Institutional Planning and Operations, the largest business division within Rutgers, manages a range of central administration functions: 

  • campus planning, design, and construction
  • building and grounds maintenance
  • campus transportation
  • public safety, and emergency management.

The work within this division touches every aspect  of the university, as well as every student, employee, and visitor.  Our reach--within and outside of our campuses--is from Cape May, to High Point, NJ, a total of 27 million square feet. 

Key Projects

Here are some of the projects we are working to improve Rutgers.

Institutional Planning and Operations will oversee the implementation of the University Physical Master Plan and the development and implementation of the Transportation Master Plan. Both are integral to the continued growth and competitiveness of Rutgers University.