Rutgers offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for K-12 students designed to enhance college awareness, provide extracurricular enrichment and increase the academic preparedness of students currently attending elementary, middle, and high school. Rutgers serves approximately 110,000 minors annually for various reasons that range from child-care and behavioral health services to a variety of academic, athletic, enrichment, and other programs during the summer and the academic year. The university is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants. This website was designed as a resource to help you protect minors participating in university sponsored programs and activities hosted on university premises.

For questions related to the University's Protection of Minors Policy (POM), please contact the Steering Committee at or contact Melissa Marrero at 848-932-4956.

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The University's Protection of Minors Policy provides guidelines and requirements that apply to university students, faculty, staff, volunteers and service providers and imposes requirements on external agencies that operate youth serving programs on campus.

Any program involving minors working in a laboratory must also follow the laboratory safety policy established by Rutgers Environmental Health & Safety (REHS). Lab supervisors and principal investigators may download this one-page instructional sheet


All programs involving minors must be registered annually. Additionally, Program Directors, authorized adults, and individuals in direct contact positions who regularly supervise minors must complete the free 30-minute online Rutgers Protection of Minors Training Course. 
To access the course, your Program Director must register the program and add you as a participant. To begin the program registration process, please visit the Program Directors webpage.


Program Directors must ensure criminal background checks are conducted every three years and that sex offender registry checks are conducted annually.

See the Program Directors webpage for instructions. For external agencies operating youth-serving programs at Rutgers, please view the information below.


Non-university organizations that wish to operate programs involving minors at Rutgers must ensure their programs are run consistent with the guidelines of the Rutgers Protection of Minors Policy and the Guide to Working with Minors. All contracts for the use of university facilities by outside parties for programs involving minors must reference and provide a link to this policy.

The policy includes requirements relating to reporting suspected abuse or neglect of minors, completing relevant training and undergoing background checks. Please visit the external agencies webpage for more information.