The Strategic Services group is responsible for coordinating and uniting the efforts of IP&O’s individual units statewide. Strategic Services collects and provides valuable data that drives current decisions about business efficiencies, as well as aiding future planning. The data has to be focused, correct, and intuitive. The groups within Strategic Services are Integrated Work Management Systems Administration, Facilities Condition Analysis, Integrated Work Management System Training, Communications and Marketing, Up-line Institutional Reporting, and Special Projects.

Integrated Work Management Systems (IWMS) Administration 

IWMS Administration is responsible for optimizing the practical use of workplace computerized system resources and providing the best possible user experience when interacting with those resources.

IWMS is also charged with evaluating and choosing the best systems, providing training for all personnel to properly use the systems, and providing the data needed for up-line reporting, as required. 

Facilities Condition Analysis

The Facilities Condition Analysis group collects and manages the asset and assessment database statewide-- an inventory of over 40,000 items.  The data is used by decision makers up to and including cabinet-level positions. This group also decommissions and removes from service older or outdated assets, and catalogs new assets resulting from construction and renovations. This ensures that a vigorous preventive maintenance program is followed offsetting the need for emergency repairs which require the often disruptive and sudden diversion of human capital.


The Training group provides IP&O staff with specific knowledge and skills needed to improve performance. Our training programs analyze divisional, departmental, and user needs to develop and deliver position appropriate training across a variety of software platforms.

Up-line Institutional Reporting

This group collects, interprets, prepares, and maintains a data repository for reporting purposes to the senior leadership of the university, including documents for the university boards. This group is also responsible for benchmarking, maintaining standard operating procedures and performance metrics.


The Communications and Marketing department within Strategic Services disseminates information through multiple channels of traditional and internet based platforms for our employees and for the greater university. General news is found in the division newsletter. The group also runs the division’s social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These outlets disseminate information to the greater university community. Communications and Marketing works closely with all divisional groups to help brand and market their projects. This group also liaises frequently with other university communications groups.