Strategic Services

The Strategic Services group is responsible for coordinating and uniting the efforts of IP&O’s individual units statewide. This involves operating and integrating the work management systems that provide the data the division needs for business efficiencies, as well as short- and long-term planning. This data is also provided to the university’s senior leadership and used in the preparation of numerous documents for university boards.

Strategic Services manages our statewide assets of over 40,000 items. Data gleaned from continuous inventorying of our assets helps to shape preventive maintenance needs and budgets. As a division with over 2,800 employees, we embrace employee development and offer dynamic programs, tools, and training to encourage our employee to continually learn and advance. 

The Communications and Marketing group under Strategic Services ensures that all employees are aware of the activities of the division through a variety of communication tools, and liaisons with groups and units across the university.

Groups within Strategic Services

Nexus Administration

Nexus Administration is responsible for optimizing the practical use of workplace computerized system resources, providing the best possible user experience when interacting with those resources, evaluating, and supporting the effort required to choose the best systems, and managing the physical asset portfolio across the entire division of IP&O.

In support of these responsibilities, Nexus Administration has a team of professionals who interact with all internal and external partners to explore technology, develop strategies, implement initiatives, manage system use guidance and governance, provide stewardship for physical assets, and assist with coordinating all associated activities.

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Contact Info:

Joseph Holtsclaw
Director, Nexus Administration 
(848) 445-2439

 myPath Training and Employee Development

myPath Training provides IP&O staff with specific, role-based training to enhance knowledge and skills of training participants. Training programs focus on divisional, departmental, and user needs to develop and deliver targeted training. Training is delivered in a variety of modalities: Web-based Training (WBT), Instructor-led Training (ILT), User Guides, Quick Reference Guides, among others.

myPath Employee Development will work collaboratively with other departments in IP&O to efficiently and effectively serve all IP&O staff in their development needs. Programs will present employees with unique opportunities to develop their skills through role-based training, facilitated access to resources, and personalized career development assistance. This department supports and enables individuals in reaching their workplace potential by focusing on existing IP&O staff through the delivery of growth-focused programs that serve and meet the needs of a diverse community.

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Contact Info:

Sue Bhuyan
Director, myPath Training & Employee Development 
(848) 445-2520

IP&O Administration

This group handles all Strategic Services administrative functions, as well as those for the EVP & COO. Functions include preparing governing committee and board documents and maintaining standard operating procedures, distribution of surveys, and managing university general inquiries.

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Contact Info:

Madalyn Zayas
Senior Departmental Administrator, IP&O Administration 
(848) 445-2476

Communications and Marketing

The Communications and Marketing group within Strategic Services fulfills the communications needs of the entire division, as well as meeting requests for the entire university. General news is found in the division newsletter. This group is also responsible for posting timely updates to the division’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Communications and Marketing works closely with all divisional groups to help brand and market their products and services. It liaises frequently with other university communications group and provides drone footage, photography, and news/story ideas for Rutgers publications.

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Contact Info:

Elizabeth Crann
Director, Marketing & Communications 
(848) 445-2401