Covid-19 - Training

Based on the University mandate for online instruction, REHS has suspended all in-person classes for Laboratory Safety, Biosafety, Bloodborne Pathogens/Plants Safety Training. In order to complete the RU Laboratory Safety/Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens/Plants Training course, please do the following:

  • Log in to myREHS ( using your NetId and password.
  • Click on the 'Training Calendar' button at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to the 'Online Training Links' section.
  • Click on the 'Laboratory Safety/Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens/Plants Refresher' link and begin your training.

Prior to using chemicals and beginning your lab activities, you must receive hands on/lab specific training for your work given by your pi or lab supervisor. This includes reading and understanding the chemical hygiene guide (chg) or laboratory safety manual, your lab sops, and the sds for the chemical(s) you’ll be expected to utilize. You must sign the acknowledgment form in your laboratory specific chg prior to utilizing chemicals and lab’s equipment ( All required PPE(at a minimum, gloves, safety glasses and a lab coat) must be worn at all times and you must fully understand the hazards of the chemicals that you are specifically working.

  • If you have any specific questions regarding the content of the training or have any additional questions or concerns, please contact REHS at (848) 445-2550.

Training is an extremely important aspect of your safety here at Rutgers University. All employees (employees include faculty, staff, visiting professors, post-docs, graduate students, TAs, GAs, paid and unpaid undergraduate students, high school students, volunteers, etc.) must check with their supervisor to ensure they attend all their required trainings.

Art Safety Training

Required annually for all Art Department employees and students (Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick) who work in art studios where chemicals are used.

This online training is available by logging in at

Clinical Health & Safety Training

Required annually for all employees who work in health clinics and patient care areas where chemicals are used.

Dates & Registration for Classroom Sessions

The online annual refresher training is available by logging in at

Radiation Safety


New Rutgers University employees who will be working with radioactive materials in the laboratory must attend an Initial Radiation Safety Orientation prior to beginning work with radioactive materials. This classroom course is approximately three and a half hours in length, with a brief examination at the conclusion.

Dates & Registration


Radiation Safety Refresher is required annually for all Rutgers University employees who have successfully completed the Initial Orientation. The course reviews fundamental concepts, policies and procedures.

Dates & Registration

The online refresher training is available by logging in at

Lab Safety

Lab Safety / Biological Safety / BBP Training - Combined

  • Laboratory employees and students planning to work with chemicalsbiohazardous materials (i.e. bacteria, viruses, cell culture, parasites, fungi, prions, etc.) and Bloodborne Pathogens must attend this session prior to beginning work.
  • This classroom course is approximately three hours in length and it is intended to supplement the hands-on training provided by the principal investigator or senior lab members.
  • Required annually for those who work in laboratories where chemicals, biological materials and/or BBP are used. Employees are required to attend training annually in order to comply with the NJ Right-To-Know law and PEOSHA's Hazardous Communication law.

All new employees MUST attend a classroom training session.

Register for Combined Safety Training

Refresher training can either be taken as a classroom session or online (only for individuals who have previously completed the in-person initial training session).

The online refresher version of this training is available by logging in at

Laser Safety

All authorized laser supervisors and operators using Class 3b and 4 open beam lasers are required to attend laser safety training sessions annually.

  • Call REHS at (848) 445-2550 to setup session.
Maintenance New Employee Safety Training

(Facilities, Dining, Housing, and Trades)

NJ Right-to-Know, Asbestos Awareness, Confined Space Awareness, Mold Awareness, Lockout-Tagout Awareness, Personal Protective Equipment, HazComm)

Required annually for all employees who work with or around chemicals (e.g. custodians, maintenance employees, etc.)

Date Time Building Room
  • PLEASE NOTE: Training sessions are located at the REHS Office (bldg.# 4116) on Livingston Campus. All training sessions begin at 9 AM.
  • Call REHS @ (848) 445-2550 if you have questions or need directions. ​​​​​​
X-Ray Safety

This training is for anyone who plans to use x-ray producing devices at Rutgers University. This training is supplemental to the hands-on training you will receive by the authoree in charge of the unit. You will be required to take a short quiz at the end of this training. If you pass, you will be directed to the online badge application. If you do not pass, please review the training again and re-take the quiz.  Required initially only.

This online training is available by logging in at

Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Training for non-Laboratory Personnel

Note: Non-laboratory personnel should contact REHS to schedule BBP training.

IATA Dangerous Goods Training

Rutgers University personnel who ship diagnostic specimens or infectious substances utilizing a common carrier (e.g. FedEx) must attend initial IATA training and refresher training is required every two years. This course covers:

Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods General Awareness U.S. DOT and IATA Regulations Identifying materials as diagnostic/clinical specimens, biological products, or infectious substances

For biological specimens, contact For all other shipments including dry ice only and chemical shipments to contact

Dates & Registration

  • Packaging, labeling, documentation
  • Shipping with dry ice
Forklift Operator's Training

Call REHS to setup session. 

  • Required initially upon hire or assignment, then at least once every three years, for all employees operating powered industrial trucks or forklifts.
  • Must complete classroom training, exam and a skills evaluation.
Manlift / Aerial Lift / Bucket Truck Operators Training

Call REHS to setup session.

  • Required initially upon hire or assignment, then at least once every three years, for all employees operating an aerial lift.
  • Must complete classroom training and a skills evaluation.
Confined Space

Call REHS to setup session. 

  • All employees who may have the opportunity to enter confined spaces (e.g. Utilities).
Respiratory Protection

Call REHS to setup session.

  • All employees who are required to wear respiratory protection in the course of their work.
  • You must also first receive medical clearance to wear a respirator and must be fit-tested.
SPCC Training

Call REHS to setup session.

  • For all Dining, Housing, and Facilities employees who manage petroleum products.
Stormwater Training

Call REHS to setup session. For all Rutgers University Community.

Directions to REHS


  • Safety Program Management - Peter Skeels or call (848) 445-2550
  • Radiation Safety Program Management - Patrick McDermott or call (848) 455-2550
  • Biological Safety Program Management - Tracy Pfromm or call (973) 972-4812