Online Photo Submission

Am I eligible to upload my photo?

To be eligible to upload your photo online, you must be an active student, faculty, staff, retiree, or guest. Students must be registered for classes. Before you can upload your photo, you must activate your NetID.

What are the requirements for the photo?

Please visit to review photo requirements and restrictions.

How do I submit my photo?

New students (with the exception of some RBHS programs) will upload their photos through the Enrollment Pathway found on your portal.

If your program does not use the Enrollment Pathway, or you are staff, faculty, or a guest, please login at:

How do I change my photo?

Once you have an approved photo in the system, you cannot submit a new photo.

If you are updating your RU ID and would like to update your photo, please email to request a photo change prior to visiting the ID Card Service Center.

The photo in the ID Card System must match the photo on your RU ID. If you update your photo, you must be issued a new RU ID. Updating your RU ID only for a new photo may be subject to a replacement card fee.

How do I know if my photo is approved?

All communications regarding the status of your photo will be sent to your email account on file. Please check both your Rutgers email account and personal email account for photo status emails. If your photo is not accepted, you will receive an email that includes the photo requirements. You may submit a new photo, which meets all requirements, at the same link.

Most photos are reviewed by the system within a few minutes. If there is an issue with your photo that requires further review, it may take one business day for your photo to be reviewed. Please note that the office will be in peak operation May-September and December-January.

General RU ID Information

My RU ID is lost/stolen, what do I do?

Please review Lost & Found ID Cards.

I found a lost RU ID, where can I turn it in?

Please review Lost & Found ID Cards.

I’ve had a name change, can I get a new ID?

Your ID card may be reissued at no charge due to a legal name change provided that your most recently issued ID card is returned for exchange. Information changes must be processed through the source information systems* and updated in the carding system before an updated ID card can be issued. All replacement cards are issued with existing system information and photos.

*Source Information Systems:
Students: Registrar’s Office
Faculty/Staff/Retirees: University Human Resources
Guests: OIT

Can someone else pick up my RU ID for me?

No, only the cardholder may pick up their ID Card.

Can I have my RU ID mailed to me?

No, ID Cards cannot be mailed. You are required to pick up your ID Card in person.

Where is it safe to punch a hole in the card so that I may attach it to a lanyard?

The altering of the ID card is against policy. The ID Card is embedded with chip technology, which will be damaged by a hole punch. You should consider friction grip lanyards, a card wallet, or a plastic ID holder.

Electronic Building Access

How do I get building access on my RU ID?

Please contact the Access Control Coordinator for your school/program/department to request access. A full list of Coordinators can be found here: For access to Residence Halls, please contact your RA.

My building access stopped working, what do I do?

Please contact your Access Control Coordinator to confirm access was not removed. If you have received a replacement RU ID, existing access will transfer in approximately 20 minutes. If building access is still not working after 20 minutes, please contact your Access Control Coordinator (