Rutgers University began installing locking mechanisms in classrooms in 2022. Installation of locking mechanisms is an ongoing university-wide process. Newly installed locks are intended to enhance classroom security in an emergency.

Locking mechanisms can be engaged by occupants when the door is closed, and the locking mechanism is activated following the instructions below. Contact the Rutgers University Police Department if a classroom is found locked or in case of an emergency. A mechanical key will be necessary to gain entry into a locked classroom. 

Thumb Latch Locks

To activate the lock, fully close the door and turn the thumb latch clockwise until the indicator is red and displays "Locked."  

To exit or unlock a secured classroom from the inside, turn the door handle releasing the locking mechanism. Occupants of a classroom can exit or admit emergency entrance at any time by turning the door handle to release the lock. For more information about Identity and Access Management, please visit: 

For information about the Emergency Notification System and Rave Guardian App: