University Public Safety has implemented several state-of-the-art security technologies under the Identity and Access Management unit (IAM) to further enhance safety at Rutgers. IAM provides business service solutions for the entire Rutgers community ranging from ID card services to security systems.

Security System Technologies

IAM manages University Locks and Keys, Intrusion and Panic Alarms, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Access Control

ID Card Technologies

IAM provides reliable, dependable, and cost-effective ID system production capability to the University’s service centers. The RU ID is the sole official identification (ID) issued to individuals affiliated with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. You will use it all over campus to identify yourself as a member of the university community.

Building Access

Building access is managed by an access control system to maintain a safe and secure campus while providing access to campus facilities. The Identity and Access Management department follows specific practices which are designed to enhance personal safety for all members of the university community.

Each department appoints an Access Control Coordinator to work directly with the IAM staff to request door schedules and/or to request access for faculty, staff, and students within their department.  The Access Control Coordinators are the only individuals authorized to manage access for their department.  All requests are managed, tracked, audited, and processed in the IAM Access Control Database.


  • Students/Residents who need card access to a dormitory building must contact their RA or the Residence Life Office
  • Students who need card access to academic buildings or labs must go to the appropriate Access Control Coordinator (see lists below). 

Faculty and Staff

Scheduling and card access requests for academic and administrative buildings must be filed with the specific Access Control Coordinator(s) (see lists below) in each building.

Access Control Coordinator Lists

Please click the campus link to find the access control coordinators who are authorized to add cardholder access:


Coordinator Lists

Camden Campus
New Brunswick Campus
Newark Campus
Off Site
IP&O Department

How to become an Access Control Coordinator

Access Control Coordinators are appointed by a department chair/head, director, or dean. Please contact your department head to make your request.  If approved, the department head must email to start the process.

Once appointed, Access Control Coordinators are trained and enrolled in the Access Control Database where all requests are submitted and processed.