Where is the Online Photo Submission?

The link to the online photo submission is located at:http://iam-ipo.rutgers.edu/photosub.php

Is there a tutorial video for submitting my photo online?

Yes, watch the video below:

Who is eligible to use the online photo submission application?

All new students, employees, and guests are eligible to submit a photo. Remember to wait to receive a confirmation email before coming to pick up your RU ID Card.

  • All new students: must be registered for classes to be eligible for an ID Card. Newly admitted students may submit their photo after they have activated their NetID and Rutgers email account. All new Undergraduates and Transfers, (with the exception of some RBHS programs) will submit their photo in the Enrollment Pathway.  
  • For new employeesdepartments can complete a new employee's record prior to the employee's first day of work.  New employees can submit their photo after they have activated their NetID. 
  • For Guests: to become a Guest in the University's Registry, your sponsoring department must submit a Guest Role/NetID request form. All sponsoring departments should visit:https://requests.rutgers.edu/guest/guest.htm Once the Guest Role/NetID is established, you may upload a photo online and then visit a Card Service Center.

Do I need to notify Identity & Access Management after I upload my photo?

The application will automatically notify the ID Card office that a photo has been received, youdo not need to take any additional action. All communications regarding the status of your RU ID Card will be sent to your email account to verify the status of your photo.

How will I know if my photo was accepted?

All communications regarding the status of your photo will be sent to your email account on file.  Please check both your Rutgers email account and personal email account for photo status emails. If your photo is accepted, you will receive a verification email. If your photo is not accepted, you will receive an email that includes the photo requirements. You may submit a new photo, which meets all requirements, at the same link. The new photo will upload over the current photo and our office will receive automatic notification that a new photo has been submitted. Once the new photo is reviewed, you will receive email communications verifying the status for that photo. 

I just submitted my photo online. How long does it take for it to be approved?

Your photo will be reviewed by the system within a few minutes. You will receive an email notification letting you know if your photo has been approved and denied.  Please note that the office will be in peak operation during preparation for the academic year (May-August) and at the start of the academic year (August-September).

I’m a new student, when/where will I pick up my ID Card?

Once you have registered for your campus-specific New Student Orientation, and submitted your photo electronically, your ID Card will be printed and ready for pickup at your New Student Orientation if you have submitted an approved photo 

I’m attending New Student Orientation, what’s the deadline to upload my photo?

Please upload your photo at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled Orientation date.

How do I pick up my ID Card if I cannot attend Orientation?

If you have submitted an approved photo, please pick up your ID Card at one of the Card Office locations listed: http://iam-ipo.rutgers.edu/locations.php during normal business hours.

I’m an online student and live in a different state, how do I receive my RU ID Card? 

Please contact your Online Program to find out how to receive your RU ID card.  If you do not have contact information, this is their general email account onlinelearning@docs.rutgers.edu.

I’m an employee; when/where will I receive my RU ID Card?

New employees will receive their ID Card at University Human Resources during their New Employee Orientation. Employees must be entered in the payroll system at least 3 business days prior to getting a card. It is required that you submit a photo electronically beforehand to save time when picking up your ID. You must have your NetID activated to submit a photo.

I’m a guest and need an ID Card, what is the process?

Please view the Obtaining a Rutgers Guest ID Card page and follow the instructions.

I’m standing at an ID Card Office to get my ID and I haven’t submitted my photo yet, what do I do?

The Service Center staff will instruct you on how to upload a photo. Since you did not upload your photo ahead of time, you have to allow the IAM Office time to review your submitted photo.  Review normally takes a few minutes during business hours.

Can anyone pick up my ID for me?

Only the cardholder may pick up their ID Card. You are required to pick up your own ID Card in person.

Can I have my ID Card mailed to me?

No, ID Cards cannot be mailed. You are required to pick up your own ID Card in person.

I lost my RU ID.  What do I do?

Please email iam@ipo.rutgers.edu from your official Rutgers email account to have your lost RU ID permanently suspended for building access.  If you having RU Express, please contact their office as well.  You may then visit an ID Card Office to have a new RU ID issued.  There is a replacement fee.  https://ipo.rutgers.edu/bs/id-location. More information on lost cards can be reviewed here https://ipo.rutgers.edu/bs/card-rules

I found a lost RU ID card, where can I turn it in?

If you are on campus, please return the found RU ID to one of the ID Card Service Centers (https://ipo.rutgers.edu/bs/id-location).  If you are not on campus, please mail the RU ID to:

Identity and Access Management
7 Kilmer Road
Edison, NJ 08817

Where is it safe to punch a hole in the card so that I may attach it to a lanyard?

Do not punch holes in your card. The ID Card is embedded with chip technology, which will be damaged by a hole punch. You should consider friction grip lanyards, a card wallet, or plastic ID holder.

How do I get building access on my RU ID?

Please contact the Access Control Coordinator for your school/program/department to request access.  A full list of Coordinators can be found here https://ipo.rutgers.edu/bs/building-access.  For access into Residence Halls, please contact your RA.

My building access has stopped working.

Please contact your Access Control Coordinator to confirm access was not removed.  If you have received a replacement RU ID, existing access will transfer in approximately 20 minutes.  If building access is still not working after 20 minutes, please contact your Access Control Coordinator.  https://ipo.rutgers.edu/bs/building-access