Directors of programs or activities involving minors (“program directors”) must take the steps outlined below 3-4 weeks before your event begins. Lab supervisors and principal investigators may download this one-page instructional sheet.

If you are an external agency hosting minors at Rutgers, please visit the third-party organizations page.

Procedure for Rutgers Program Directors

Complete the following steps 3-4 weeks before your event begins:

  • Register your program in the Protection of Minors (POM) Database. This is an annual requirement.
  • Enroll yourself, your employees, volunteers, and service providers for the 30-minute online training course by clicking “add person” as part of the registration process in the database. Training is also an annual requirement.
  • Initiate mandatory background checks for staff and volunteers who exercise responsibility over minors as defined by the policy through the POM database. This is required once every three years.
  • Once your program has run, if you do not plan to host it the following year, you can request to terminate the program from the main menu of the database. If you do plan to host it again the following year, please request to inactivate the program instead of suspending all training and background check notifications until the program is active again.

The database will set auto-reminders for the training and background check requirements to help manage ongoing programs. Automatically generated emails will be sent to those individuals with instructions on how to complete these assigned tasks. You will be able to track progress on all assigned tasks through the POM database by clicking on "Compliance Report" from the main menu.

Please note: If your program involves minors in a laboratory, please be sure to also follow the instructions outlined by Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety.

Background Checks & Sex Offender Registry Checks

To initiate the background check process, you must log in to the POM Database, register your program, and enter any individuals who need to undergo a background check into the system.

Annual Sex Offender Registry Checks will be completed automatically for anyone who selects "UHR Coordinated Background Check" in the POM database.

Please Note: Any program directors who utilize the NJ State Police for their background checks must send the results to University Human Resources. Results of background checks should not be viewed by program directors or anyone involved in the program. Copies should not be retained at a departmental level. You will also be responsible for coordinating your own annual sex offender registry checks. You may utilize the Free National Sex Offender Registry Check service at

Please fill in the Employer Section of the NJSP Background Check form as follows:
Rutgers University Human Resources
57 US Highway 1
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Attention: Background Checks

Questions regarding background checks may be directed to