Third party organizations that wish to utilize Rutgers University facilities for youth-serving programs or activities must ensure their programs are run consistent with the guidelines of the Protection of Minors University Policy, 30.1.9 and the Guide to Working with Minors. You may find this one page instructional sheet helpful.

Contracts for Using University Facilities

All contracts for the use of university facilities by outside parties for activities involving minors must provide a link to the Protection of Minors Policy and reference the requirements for program registration, training, and background checks. Suggested contract language:

Rutgers University has adopted Protection of Minors University Policy, 30.1.9 to promote the well-being and safety of minors who participate in activities on campus. The policy includes requirements relating to reporting suspected abuse or neglect of minors, registering programs, completing relevant online training, and undergoing background checks. Non-university organizations that wish to operate programs or activities involving minors at Rutgers must ensure their programs are run consistent with the guidelines of the University's Protection of Minors Policy and the instructional sheet. Rutgers University reserves the right to audit all programs or activities involving minors on campus for compliance with the above policy requirements. Additional information may be found at

Policy Requirements

The following requirements must be met by program directors 3-4 weeks before your program begins.

Program Registration

You will need to request an assigned user ID and password to access the University's Protection of Minors (POM) Database by emailing Once you receive your login credentials, you may begin the program registration process by visiting


Enroll yourself, your employees, volunteers, and service providers for the free 30-minute online training course by clicking "add person" as part of the registration process in the POM database. This is an annual requirement.

Please note: employees should not self-enroll for training. They should be enrolled by the program director as part of the registration process.

Background Checks

Conduct criminal history and sex offender checks on staff and volunteers who exercise responsibility over minors as defined by the policy. This is required once every three years. You may select "Third Party Coordinated Checks" in the database during the registration process. The university does not conduct background checks on behalf of third-party agencies hosting minors on campus. You will be responsible for coordinating your checks. Once each employee has successfully passed their background check (with no adverse information returned), you must certify this requirement has been met in the database. Follow the steps below before the program begins:
  • Log back into the POM Database
  • Click "Manage Training and Background Checks"
  • Select the program you are updating
  • Enter the background check date for each person's record

Please note: If a background investigation indicates a record of sexually based offenses, crimes against minors, or any other adverse information, the program director will be responsible for contacting Rutgers University Human Resources at The university may exclude any individual who does not successfully pass a background check.

The university reserves the right to require proof of compliance with the above-noted policy requirements. Failure to comply with the provisions of this policy may result in the cancellation of your event and/or denial of permission to continue operating your program or activity at Rutgers University.

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