Building access is managed by an access control system to maintain a safe and secure campus while providing access to campus facilities. The Identity and Access Management department follows specific practices that are designed to enhance personal safety for all members of the university community.

  • Students/Residents who need card access to a dormitory building must contact Residence Life.
  • Students who need card access to academic buildings or labs must go to the appropriate access control coordinator. 
Faculty and Staff
  • Scheduling and card requests for academic and administrative buildings must be filed with the specific access control coordinator(s) in each building.
Access Control Coordinator

Access Control Coordinators are individuals who are appointed by a department chair/head, director, or dean and work directly with the IAM staff to request door schedules and access for faculty, staff, and students within their department. Access Control Coordinators are enrolled in the Access Control Database where all requests are managed, tracked, audited, and processed.

Please review the Access to University Facilities Policy 30.1.8