Rutgers University's Design Standards Manual was prepared for architectural and engineering consultants, contractors, and university staff involved in design, new construction, and renovation of university facilities, systems, and properties.

The Design Standards Manual  provides both general guidelines and specific requirements for design and specification of materials, systems, and components of facilities. Prior to construction, all designs for repair, renovation, alteration, and new construction are reviewed by the Office of Planning and Development and reviewed and signed by the University Architect.

Both state and university agencies are responsible for review and approval of various elements of planning for all university projects. The office of Architecture and Design must review and approve all modifications to university buildings.

Design Standards Manual

Design Standards Manual [PDF]



Part I

General Administrative Procedures [PDF]


Part II

Bidding Documents [PDF]


Part III

TOC--Technical Requirements of Materials & Methods of Construction

TOC--Technical Requirements of Materials & Methods of Construction[PDF]


Part IV

Design Details


Part V

Sample Specifications

Sample 01028 -- Schedule of Values

Sample 01400 -- Quality Control

Sample 02071 -- ACRM Removal

Sample 02072 -- ACRM Flashing Removal

Sample 07220 -- Roofing Insulation 

Sample Asbestos Affidavit

Sample Fire Safety

Exterior and Interior Signage Manual

Affirmative Action Form

Design Standards Receipt and Variation Request Form