SAFE PLACE is geared to enhance the relationship between the Police Department, the LGBTQ+ community, victims of bias incidents, local businesses, schools and allies. SAFE PLACE will provide decals to local businesses, schools, organizations and allies encouraging those locations and entities to clearly post the signage at the entrance(s) and publicly visible areas in their premise as the symbol of safe haven for victims of all hate crimes.

The SAFE PLACE decals are designed to:

  • Be highly visible, uniform and recognizable to the entire community
  • Provide designated safe locations for community members to seek services 
  • Show support for the LGBTQ+ Community
What is the SAFE PLACE Initiative?

SAFE PLACE is designed to assist in making communities a safer place to live and has been adopted by over 275 law enforcement jurisdictions throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

This program is for ALL hate crimes which include: Race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, mental, physical, or sensory disabilities, homelessness, marital status, political ideology, age, or parental status.

It helps stop the victim mentality, and says to any victim: That you will be heard, you will be treated with care, dignity and respect from the business you enter to find help in, as well as from the Police Officers who respond out to investigate.

Which Businesses, Social Organizations & Schools can participate in SAFE PLACE?

ALL of these entities are able to participate in the SAFE PLACE Initiative ANYWHERE in the world, as long as they follow the two requirements listed below. The Safe Place Program is ZERO COST to the business and is free to join.

What Are My Responsibilities to Join?

What Are My Responsibilities to Join?

Although this is voluntary concept, there are responsibilities to become a member of SAFE PLACE. That responsibility is simple, quick and free & just requires you to train/educate your employees/staff & management to do two things:

If a victim of any crime (especially a hate crime) enters your premises, call 911 immediately. Allow the victim to remain on your premise until police arrive.

If the victim leaves prior to police arrival, call back 911 and provide a physical description of the victim and/or suspect(s), direction of travel and any injuries that you may have observed. As with any emergency situation your staff should use due care & caution when providing the victims of crime safe shelter, while being mindful of the safety of your patrons, co-workers and compliance with existing company policies. There is no extra liability to your business as we are not asking you to do anything you wouldn’t already do if a victim comes into your business.

How do I become an SAFE PLACE Participant?

Visit the Getting Involved page or order decal request form. Once you agree to the terms of participation, click “submit”. Your application will be sent directly to the Police Department’s SAFE PLACE Coordinator who will mail you your decal.

Where do I put the SPD Safe Place Decal?


The 4x6 inch decal should be placed at the main public entrance, 3-5 feet off the ground and easily visible to anyone walking past your premise.