The Rutgers University Police Department wants to hear from you. What do we do well? What can we use some improvement on? Or if you have any suggestions, please submit a comment.

How do I commend an officer?

If you feel that an officer has performed his or her duties in a particularly courteous, helpful or competent manner, we encourage you to express your appreciation in a number of ways.

  • Contact any supervisor (in person or by telephone) at Police Headquarters
  • Write a letter to the officer, the officer's Supervisor or to:

Chief Kenneth Cop
Rutgers Police Department
55 Paul Robeson Boulevard
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Be sure to obtain the officer's name and badge number if possible. 

How do I make a complaint?

The RUPD recognizes that we might not always put our best foot forward and mistakes are made. In the interest of maintaining the high caliber of police services, correcting our oversights and improving the overall quality of police services, we encourage members of the community to bring these matters to our attention. Complaints against members of the Rutgers Police Department may be made to anyone and will be accepted by email, phone, fax, letter or in person regardless of your age or citizenship status. Complaints will also be accepted anonymously.

Visit the internal affairs webpage to learn more about how to make a complaint and the complaint process.