Mail Metering Options

Mail Metering Operations provides Rutgers with a cost-efficient mail processing option. Our center utilizes automated postal equipment operated by staff with extensive postal backgrounds and training.

All outgoing mail that needs to be posted requires a completed Metering Request Form. Please find a copy of the form here.

We are located in the Administrative Services Building II, 57 US Highway 1, located on the Cook Campus (Building 7599).

Our hours of operation are:
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm.

Addressing Outgoing Mail

If possible all addresses should be typed or on computer printed labels using all capital letters. Do not use punctuation. Please use the following format:

Return Address: Employee Name & Title (optional) Department Name Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Street Address City State Zip+4 Code

Addressee Address Name Company (Optional) PO Box Number or Street Address City State Zip+4 Code Country if other than USA

Address Verification

The US Postal Service website can help you validate & verify your mailing address. Visit their Zip+4 Lookup site, enter an address and a standardized address and Zip+4 Code will be returned.

Processing Schedule

First Class Mail
Processed on the date it is received by Distribution Operations, whether on our morning or afternoon mail run. Standard: Same day service.

Standard (Bulk) Mail
In general: If submitted labeled and in Zip Code order — processed within 3-5 working days. If submitted labeled and in random Zip Code Order — processed within 10 working days.
Standard: Refer to Production Mail Options section of our website.

USPS Express Mail
Must be received by Distribution Operations by 12:00 noon for guaranteed overnight delivery.
Standard: Same day service.

International Mail
Processed within 3 business days from the date it is received by Mail Services.
Standard: 3 day service.

Submitting Mail

Departments using Distribution Operations to meter their outgoing mail must establish a "Blanket" Purchase Order and use a "Metering Request" form when submitting their mail. A separate form must be attached for each class. For example, a department mailing at the First Class mail rate would complete the left side of the form, Check the "Domestic Mail, First Class" block on the right side of the form, attach it to the mail pieces, and place it with other outgoing mail items for mail pickup.

University Mail Services cannot meter your mail without an attached "Metering Request" form.

You should separate your mail — (Domestic, International, Campus) — with your instructions indicated on separate Metering Request forms attached to each type of mail.

It is not necessary to use the "Metering Request" form with your campus mail, but it is necessary to separate it from the mail to be metered.

All processed mail is delivered directly to the Kilmer General Mail Facility (GMF).

Mail Pick Up / Delivery Instructions

Outgoing mail should be given to the carrier assigned to your mail route. If you miss your mail pickup you may deliver it to Administrative Services Building II 57 US Highway 1 located on the Cook Campus, before 4pm.

Other Instructions

Distribution Operations can process Certified mail, provided US Postal forms (Forms PS-3800 & PS-3811) are submitted with the mail piece. Call Distribution Operations at (848) 932-4267 to obtain these forms. This shop can not process Registered or Insured mail.

Letters that weigh less than 1oz. can be sealed by our metering machine. Please put envelope flaps up and overlap with the previous envelope. Letters that weigh more than 1oz. and/or in large Envelopes must be sealed by the sender and include tape over any envelope clasps by the department.

Folded mail pieces are accepted if the following criteria are met:
• Paper weight must be at least 40 lb., and
• Paper is a machine letter fold, and
• Folded edge is at the bottom; open edge is at the top, and
• Mail piece is tabbed, not stapled.