Below are some postal-saving tips to consider when planning a project.

Top Ten Postal Savings Tips

  • Screen your mailing list for unnecessary names and incomplete or incorrect addresses.
  • Use Certified mail instead of Registered mail when possible. Certified service costs less and still provides a receipt and delivery notice to the sender.
  • Do not over-insure. The US Postal Service and UPS will pay only the actual value of an item, not the declared item.
  • Use postcards for short messages and announcements. The cost is 1/3 less than sending an envelope.
  • Combine mailings to a single destination into a larger envelope if possible.
  • Consider alternative methods of delivery: Bulk Mail, Parcel Post & Non-Profit.
  • Eliminate Intra-campus envelopes. Fold memos, staple, and address correctly for campus delivery or use e-mail.
  • Use Business Reply envelopes provided by vendors instead of replying with a department envelope.
  • FAX or email the information, if possible, when time is crucial instead of using express mail.
  • Use Library or Book Rate when possible. The cost can be as much as 50% less than the 1st Class or Priority Mail rates.