The US Postal Service offers an introduction to handling business mail on their website, termed "Business Mail 101". The site is designed for the beginning or infrequent mailer and is organized according to the major steps in preparing a mailing.

Mailers Checklist

The US Postal Service also offers a Mailer's Checklist:

  • Decide¬†which class of mail you want to use.
  • Create/design your mail piece.
  • Develop and/or decide which address list you will use.
  • Check the accuracy of your address list.
  • Address your mail.
  • Choose a postage payment method.
  • Obtain a mailing permit or make arrangements to use UMS' permit.
  • Get whatever supplies you will need.
  • Sort your mail or make arrangements with UMS to do so.
  • Complete required postal statements or make arrangements with UMS to do.
  • Take your mail to the post office or make arrangements with UMS.

University Mail Services (UMS) encourages our customers to visit this site; it will answer many of your mailing questions!