Biological waste must be properly packaged and labeled prior to being removed from the laboratory by a certified medical waste vendor. Wastes should be packaged in a primary container (autoclave bag, sharps container, etc.) which is placed into a red biohazard bag. The red biohazard bag should closed and the placed into the secondary container, a cardboard medical waste box. The primary container must be labeled with the "inner container medical waste label." The secondary container must be labeled with the "outer container medical waste label". Medical waste supplies can be obtained by contacting REHS.

If you are located at an extension center or satellite campus, please contact REHS before generating medical waste. Appropriate forms must be filed with the Department of Environmental Protection to facilitate pickup of wastes.

Facilities maintenance or housing departments that generate medical waste should collect and deliver the material to health centers or to REHS for disposal. Arrangements can be made for areas that frequently generate medical waste to have their waste removed directly by the vendor.