The REHS Laboratory Toolkit brings together many of the forms and programs that researchers require on a regular basis.

Are you new to the University?

Call REHS at 848-445-2550 to set a meeting with your Campus Health Safety Specialists.

Do you need Laboratory Safety training?

Check this link for the schedule for the New Employee (and refresher) Laboratory Safety training.

You will also need to complete the "Hands On" / Lab Specific training required by your Chemical Hygiene Plan (Legacy Rutgers Units) or RBHS Laboratory Safety Plan (Legacy UMDNJ Units).


This is the central portal to all online programs laboratory personnel need to work safely and efficiently at Rutgers University.

The following resources may be accessed:

  • Rutgers University’s accident, biosafety, and radiation safety databases;
  • Fire evacuation plans for all Rutgers University buildings;
  • Environmental health and safety training opportunities and records; and
  • Hazardous waste, medical waste or radioactive waste pick-up requests.

To login, please click here or visit us at

For any access issues, please contact Peter Skeels at 848-445-2550

Lab Inspections

Principal Investigators are required to perform self audits of their labs twice per year. Once prior to us coming to do the annual REHS audit and then six months later (they will receive an email reminder from REHS asking them to perform their second audit). Login to MyREHS to complete your inspection online.

Violations identified by the self-inspection must be corrected. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact REHS at 848-445-2550. Use this PI - Self Inspection Checklist [pdf] to help you perform the inspection.

This Self Inspection Checklist is only for your conveinence. You must still complete the Online Self Inspection when required.

Do you have waste disposal questions?

This Policy describes how to properly package, label, segregate, and dispose of hazardous chemical waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Policy and Procedures [pdf]

This policy describes how to properly clean, package, and dispose of used/empty glass, plastic and metal laboratory containers.

Used/Empty Laboratory Container & Glassware Disposal Policy [pdf]

Chemical Hygiene Plan or Laboratory Safety Plan

Please Note: RBHS units will continue using the Laboratory Safety Plan. REHS and the Rutgers University Laboratory Safety and Design Committee will combine and update the two plans.

A written Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) or Laboratory Safety Plan (LSP) is required for each lab. REHS developed a Chemical Hygiene Guide for the use of hazardous materials at Rutgers. For the CHP or LSP to be complete, the PI is required to add:

  • protocols and procedures with safety information specific to their lab,
  • as well as SDS for the chemicals used in the lab.

Click here for a copy of the Chemical Hygiene Guide [pdf]

Click here for a copy of the RBHS Laboratory Safety Plan [pdf]

Use this form to document your "Hands On" / Lab Specific training.

Hands-On / In Lab Training Employee Acknowledgement [pdf]

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Go to to see and download many chemical SOP templates.

Need a new Caution Sign for your lab door?

This webpage is designed to create a caution sign for doors to partially satisfy the New Jersey Worker and Community Right-to-Know law, and to identify persons responsible for rooms and laboratories for routine and emergency purposes.

Caution Sign Request Form (Online)