Chemicals and other hazardous materials are commonly used in art. They include but are not limited to solvents, paints, oils, photochemicals (i.e.-developers, fixers, accelerators), lacquers, dyes, glazes, waxes, hard woods, batteries, powders and dusts.

Safe Use Guidelines:

  • Refer to Art Safety Manual for specific instruction. If necessary, call
    REHS to obtain one.
  • Use the least hazardous material that can suitably do the job.
  • Refer to MSDS for instruction on how to safely handle the material.
  • Use proper personal protective equipment as recommended.
  • Plan your work before you begin.
  • Assure associated equipment is working properly, before use.
  • Follow REHS guidelines for storage and disposal of hazardous waste materials.


  • For Overall Program Management, to obtain an Art Safety Manual, or for guidelines on how to store and/or dispose of hazardous waste contact Peter Skeels