Whether general in nature or tailored to the specific needs of any requesting group, RUPD offers a number of formal and informal programs and training on a diverse range of topics. In addition to the ones listed below we have also customized presentations for public schools in surrounding communities and for specific groups on campus. Prevention and awareness are the greatest deterrents to crime so we believe our support of these programs is essential to maintaining a safe community.


RUPD conducts a number of presentations to university groups and the surrounding communities. In many instances these presentations are customized to address a specific topic for a specific audience. Some topics are:

  • Residence Hall Security
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
  • Personal Safety
  • Safety and Security in the Workplace (Active Shooter, What You Should Know)
  • “Crime Prevention” will prepare the attendee with the knowledge and skill necessary to how best to protect themselves from criminal attack at home, at work, and in public places

For additional information or to schedule training please email rupd.camden@rutgers.edu.