Rutgers Emergency Services works continually to maintain a well informed community for fire prevention and response as needed.

In the Event of a Fire

To report a fire, smoke or odor of something burning, obtain an outside line and Dial 911.

  • Leave the immediate area.
  • Close door behind you. Most doors are fire rated and will help contain the fire.
  • Activate the building Fire Alarm.
  • Alert others to the emergency while evacuating.
  • Call 911 from your cell phone or a campus emergency phone. Give the dispatcher as much information as possible (location, what is on fire, etc).
Permits and Impairments

Please note that requests for weekend or holiday permits or impairments must be made 72 hours in advance.

  • Fire permit applications must be submitted no later than one week prior to the event date. Permits not received within this time period will not be approved.
  • Hot Work Permit requests must be made 24 hours in advance. Information such as the type of work, location, contact information, and company or RU affiliation will be required.
  • Fire Protection System Impairment requests must be made 24 hours prior to beginning construction. Failure to submit an impairment request will result in enforcement action if the fire alarms or sprinklers are activated.
Fire Safety Equipment

University housing units are protected by complete fire suppression systems, fire detection and alarm systems, heat and local-sounding smoke detectors, and audible evacuation alarms. All fire alarm systems are electronically monitored by University Public Safety Building providing expeditious response to potential emergencies.

Fire extinguishers are located in common areas and kitchenettes. This equipment is critical to life safety and should be used only in emergency situations.

Report intermittent smoke detector alarms not due to fire or smoke to (732) 932-7211.

Fire Safety Concerns (After Hours)

After hours fire safety concerns or hazardous conditions needing immediate attention should be reported to (732) 932-7211.


New Jersey Uniform Fire Codes are enforced by certified Rutgers Emergency Services Fire Inspectors.

To request an extension, please submit an extension request form.