Rutgers Emergency Services offers the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course enabling students, faculty, and staff members to meet the University requirement to operate a University owned, leased, or rented vehicle. The training program has been transitioned from an 8-hour in-person class to a 6-hour self-directed interactive online program accessible at any time from any internet connected location.

I am registering as part of my official Rutgers driving responsibilities

The following conditions apply to me:

  • I will/may be operating University owned, leased, rented motor vehicle(s).
  • This training is required by my department – my supervisor has already approved me to participate
  • I have not completed a Rutgers Defensive Driving Course previously under the sponsorship of the University/my department
  • I have an active NetID

Please log in with your Rutgers NetID and complete the registration form at

Rutgers Students

If you have a current student affiliation with Rutgers, you should fill in the ‘Work’ fields with your local Rutgers contact information. For the ‘RU Affiliation’ be sure to also select “EMPLOYEE and STAFF” where prompted and provide the information for the Department you will be driving for. Your registration request will be verified with your supervisor prior to being provided access to the online training portal.

I am registering for my own personal development and/or union afforded benefit

I am registering for my own personal development and/or union afforded benefits.

  • I am not required to complete this training as part of my official University responsibilities
  • I will be operating my own personal vehicle
  • This training is not required by my department
  • I previously completed a Rutgers Defensive Driving Course and would like to re-take the course for my personal development
  • I would like to receive/extend my personal motor vehicle insurance discount (restrictions may apply) and/or I would like to remove up to two points from my NJ Driver’s License (restrictions may apply)

Please register and pay for the course at

As a personal benefit, participation in both the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Insurance Premium Reduction Program and NJ Driver's License Point Reduction Program is available through this program at no additional cost to the participant. For additional information about these programs, and the specific benefits and restrictions, please contact your insurance carrier and/or the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles.


What is the date of the training?

There is no set date. Once the course registration is complete and access is granted to the program, you may complete the training at your own pace from almost any internet-connected device. Although you may pause and resume the training at your convenience, you should not walk away from the course in session as it will time out and lock you out.

*You must complete the training within 30 calendar days of receiving the course access code. Incomplete courses will be locked and will require the purchase of an additional code to retake the course.

How quickly can I begin the course?

If your training is sponsored by the University, we must wait for your supervisor to confirm your enrollment before the course access code is issued. Your supervisor will receive an email immediately once your registration is submitted. Once approved by your supervisor, course access is typically assigned within one business day, however, could take up to three business days. If paying for the course yourself, the access code will be immediately issued via email. Be sure to check your junk/spam folders - If you do not receive an email from with directions to access the course please contact us.

 My department is not sure if I should be completing this training under their sponsorship. Who should I ask?

Rutgers Emergency Services does not make the determination of need for this training. We, instead, defer to any determination made between your Department and Rutgers’ Department of Risk Management. Please review University Policy 20.1.6, and Policy 40.3.1, consult with Risk Management, and let us know the outcome. We are happy to support your request if the training is needed.

How/when do I schedule my vision screening?

There is no longer a requirement for a separate vision screening for Rutgers driving purposes. Please consult with your Department and Occupational Health for guidance.

 How does my department know that I have completed the training? What do I do with my certificate?

You must provide a copy of your course completion certificate to your supervisor/their designee. Emergency Services does not notify your department of your training completion status.

How do I apply for the insurance discount/point reduction program(s)?

Please be sure to enter your information accurately and completely during all phases of registration. Only the information as you enter it will be reported to the NJ DMV upon successful completion of the training. You must notify your insurance company if you wish to receive the discount and provide them with any documents they request. The point reduction will automatically be processed by the NJ DMV.

I got locked out of the course. How can I finish the training?

You must contact the course vendor directly to reset your account. RUES cannot override this security feature. Please refer to the course login page and any error messages displayed in your portal for the contact information.

I previously completed the Defensive Driving Course with RUES in person. Do I have to take this new course? How do I get documentation of previous completion?

Rutgers University only requires that you complete the Rutgers Defensive Driving Course once. Your department, however, may require the course to be completed more frequently; please consult with your supervisor. If you require documentation of previous completion for Rutgers purposes, please email

I have to renew this training for my Rutgers responsibilities but the system says I have already registered. What do I do?

Rutgers University only requires that you complete the Rutgers Defensive Driving Course once. Your department, however, may require the course to be completed more frequently; please consult with your supervisor and have them email to discuss.

I manage the fleet for my department and want to enroll several of my team members in this course. Can I submit a bulk registration?

Each participant must enroll themselves using their assigned NetID. Please notify your team to use your name and email as their supervisor and approve each request as they are emailed to you.