The Rutgers University—New Brunswick Campus Buses use ADA accessible buses on multiple routes across campus, providing safe and reliable service to the Rutgers University community. Bus Route information can be found below in “Bus Route Descriptions & Schedules." We will be examining performance data to continually evaluate the effectiveness of the service. Your thoughts and suggestions are important to this process. To provide feedback, please visit


Bus Route Descriptions & Schedules

Weekday Routes

Weekend Routes


Bus Online Tracking

Rutgers University has a mobile application for various platforms and devices that you can use to connect to the university from anywhere.  It’s not just used to check for Campus Bus times; but for other Rutgers University things, such as News, Sports Scores, and Dining Hall menus.  Please visit the Rutgers Mobile App site for more information.


Transloc information is not a static schedule listing — it is actual arrival information, updated at regular intervals. Because traffic variations, breakdowns, and day-to-day problems faced by any transit provider can interrupt service, Transloc was designed to keep you on schedule even if your bus or train isn't. From the comfort and security of a protected place, you can learn when the next bus will arrive at your stop. Transloc uses satellite technology and advanced computer modeling to track vehicles on their routes. Each vehicle is fitted with a satellite tracking system. Click here to find your Transloc. Get on the bus and track your bus live! The Rider app puts you in control with real-time tracking so you'll never miss your bus again. Visit: Transloc or download the app for Iphones or Android phones free from the iTunes store or Google Play store. 

Paratransit Services

The Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) at Rutgers provides a comprehensive transit system which serves all destinations on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses. All of our campus buses are equipped to handle individuals with mobility impairments and have low entrance steps and/or mechanical platforms for wheelchair accessibility.

For students who require accessible transportation who cannot utilize the typical campus bus service for a particular reason due to a temporary or permanent disability, Rutgers offers a paratransit van. To be considered for this additional van service please click here.

The Knight Mover

732-932-RIDE (7433)

The Knight Mover provides transportation within or between all of the Rutgers University New Brunswick & Piscataway Campuses after the Intercampus Transit System ceases to operate for the night.  Call the Knight Mover phone number to request transportation.  This service is open only to Rutgers University affiliated persons (Faculty, Staff, Students). You must show valid university ID to the driver in order to board the Knight Mover shuttle.  ou cannot reserve a Knight Mover pickup time in advance.  You have to be ready and available for immediate/prompt pickup at the time that you called in your request.  Please allow sufficient total travel time (account for the time it takes for the shuttle to arrive once you request service, the shuttle potentially picking up and dropping off other passengers along the way, and current road/weather conditions) especially if you need to be at a particular destination at a certain time.

During the Fall and Spring Semesters: The Knight Mover Service operates from 3:00 AM until 6:00 AM Monday through Thursday morning. New requests are not taken after 5:45 AM in order to be able to complete any pending requests before 6:00 AM when the normal morning Campus Bus service begins. The Knight Mover does not operate Friday through Sunday mornings as the normal Campus Bus service is running.


What is the best way to ask a question or provide feedback on the bus system?

Please visit

How I do I know if there is a delay or how can I track the location of the buses?

You can track the location of all of the buses in our system on the following web site: or download the app “TransLoc” for iPhone or Android phones free from the iTunes store or Google Play store.

Do I have to pay a fare to ride a Rutgers University bus?

You do not have to pay a fare to ride the bus.

Do I need to show an ID to ride a Rutgers University bus?

On the New Brunswick campus, you are not required to show an ID during normal operating hours, which are Monday - Thursday, 6:00am-3:30am and Friday - Sunday 24 hours/day.

The Knight Mover service operates Monday - Thursday from 3am-6am and does requires a valid Rutgers ID to board the bus.

Does the University provide transportation between its Camden, Newark and New Brunswick campuses?

Rutgers University does not provide bus service between Rutgers University New Brunswick, Rutgers University Camden and Rutgers University Newark. The NJ Transit (NJT) “Northeast Corridor” trains provide frequent service between the New Brunswick and Newark train stations. A transfer to the NJT River Line service at the Trenton train station connects Camden to the “Northeast Corridor” trains.

Does the bus system run 24/7?

Buses operate:

  • Monday-Thursday: 6:00am-3:30am
  • Friday-Sunday: 24 hours/day

The Knight Mover service operates Monday-Thursday, from 3am-6am.

What if I lose an item on a bus?

Items of value lost in a Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus Bus will be turned over to the Rutgers Police Department [RUPD]-New Brunswick Division. More information about our Lost and Found system can be found here.

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dotsFor all DOTS related information and inquiries, please visit