Transporting hazardous materials (chemical and biological) by Rutgers University personnel is prohibited without the proper New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) hazardous material driver license, vehicle registration, and training. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has an exception to this requirement for “Materials of Trade” (MOT), which applies to the transportation of small quantities of hazardous materials that are part of your business. Examples include the following:

  • Facilities Maintenance Services (i.e. paints and paint thinners for painters and gasoline for groundskeepers)
  • Researchers (i.e. preservatives for field samples)
  • Educational Demonstrations (i.e. chemicals for public school outreach education programs)

Please contact REHS at (732) 445-2550 if you have questions regarding:

  • If your activity falls under the Materials of Trade exemption
  • How to properly prepare your materials for transportation under this exemption
  • Assistance with any aspect of Materials of Trade compliance

Additional information can be found at:


Steve Etzold
(848) 445-3020