National and International regulations require that any person offering, handling, or transporting Dangerous Goods by air must be trained every 2 years. This includes lab personnel who ship chemical and/or biological shipments through FedEx and other courier services. Other training may be required to ship Hazardous Materials by ground. If you need to ship any of these materials please read the information below. Please note that in most cases you do not need training to receive shipments.

Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods are substances or materials that have been determined by the Secretary of Transportation to be capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. Some examples are:

  • Laboratory chemicals including but not limited to flammable, toxic, explosive, radioactive, and cryogenic materials
  • Biological samples, such as viruses, bacteria, human or animal blood or tissue
  • Household/Custodial materials such as paints, stains, cleaners, fuels and disinfectants
  • Hidden Hazardous Materials such as rechargeable batteries contained within powered equipment, mercury in thermostats, etc.

Shipping Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials without the proper training can result in major fines and penalties being imposed on the University from regulatory agencies. This is true even if the courier service fills out the paperwork for you. REHS can offer you helpful options to fit your shipping needs. We have the required training to ship a wide range of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials by air and by ground, which enables us to:

  • Provide shipping service if you don’t ship by air often if you’re shipping by ground, or if you are shipping something which is not covered by one of our trainings. We can research specific requirements as well as help pack, label, and fill out paperwork for your shipment. We do request 3 days notice prior to your desired shipment date to allow us time to research specific requirements. Please click on this link to fill out a shipping assistance request form.
  • Provide training to designated personnel if you ship specific Dangerous Goods by air more often. This training can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Some areas of the University have department-specific training, but there are also monthly open sessions available at RBHS locations. The schedule for these sessions can be accessed through the RBHS training link at the bottom of the page. Please contact Scott Sherman at (848) 445-2550 to ask about training.
  • Provide guidance and respond to inquiries you may have regarding whether your material is a Hazardous Material or Dangerous Good, specific country or airline requirements, or whether your training allows you to ship these materials.
    Call REHS at (848) 445-2550 or email questions to
  • Assist with ground shipments, which may require additional training beyond what is offered by REHS.
    Call REHS at (848) 445-2550 or email questions to

University Mail Services cannot handle/transport hazardous materials or dangerous goods.


Shipping Assistance Request Form


Please direct all questions to or call (848) 445-2550