Ergonomics is a broad term and can be applied to all work activities that are performed at the University. A simple definition of ergonomics is the study of work, including the people, equipment, environment, and process. The goal of an ergonomics program is to fit the equipment, environment, and process to the worker to reduce or eliminate the worker's repetitive motion, overexertion, and use of awkward postures.

REHS is available to provide workplace assessments for individuals who work in any capacity at the university. The assessment would include an evaluation of current work tasks and the equipment and body mechanics that are used to perform them. After the assessment, recommendations are made on how to adjust these items to minimize stress and strain on the body.

Additionally, REHS can provide departmental or individual training on safe lifting and handling of materials and computer workstation training, which addresses the placement and selection of the computer, mouse, keyboard, chair, and posture.

If you would like to learn how to assess your computer workstation, you may contact REHS or use the following link:
Cornell University Ergonomics Web - Ergo Tips

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