Any structure or painted surface constructed prior to 1978 is assumed to contain lead-based paint. The guidelines developed for working with lead-based paint must be followed when preparing surfaces constructed prior to 1978.

This lead paint program provides a strategy for safely addressing maintenance work on surfaces coated with lead-based paint. The program is intended to protect Rutgers employees from exposure to lead and comply with applicable regulations.

Outside Contractors

These lad paint specifications for Outside Contractors are designed to satisfy the minimum regulatory requirements necessary to safely prepare and re-paint structural surfaces and building components that contain lead based paint. They can be applied to the majority of renovation projects encountered at Rutgers. They are not designed to address lead abatement projects required as a result of a lead inspection/risk assessment. Lead abatement is generally limited to buildings that house children under the age of six and/or who are diagnosed with elevated blood levels.


For Overall Program Management:
Peter Skeels
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