Lockout/Tagout is a procedure that was designed to protect employees that perform service or maintenance work on machines, equipment or processes from the unexpected start up or energization of these items, which could result in injury or facility damage. All employers that have operations that pose the above hazards must have a lockout/tagout program. All employees that perform this type of work must follow lockout/tagout procedures prior to performing the work.

Elements of the University's Lockout / Tagout Program:

  • Departments must identify all energized machines, equipment, and processes which employees have to service or perform maintenance activities on.
  • Departments must establish written procedures for both energy isolation of these machines or equipment and affixing the appropriate locks or tags onto the energy isolating device to prevent its unexpected re-energization or release of energy.
  • Departments and REHS must provide training to all affected employees on these procedures.
  • Employees must follow their department's established lockout/tagout procedures.
  • Departments must perform a periodic inspection of the procedures to ensure their efficacy and accuracy.

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