The purpose of this committee is to advise the University and REHS on the technical aspects of health and safety, to recommend policies and procedures and to report on the quality of programs under purview. The committee is comprised of members from multiple disciplines to assure that all aspects of Occupational Safety are represented.




Kathleen Gaioni, Chair

Director, Occupational Health

Kenneth Ackerman

Lieutenant, University Police

Harry Agnostak

Director, Labor Relations

James Breeding

Director, Risk Management

Bob Harris

Director, Lab Animal Services

Steve Keleman

Captain, Emergency Services

Gina Matos-Oliveira

Assistant Director, Newark Physical Plant

Mark McLane

Director, REHS

John Nason

University Sanitarian, Dining Services

Alex Ruiz

University Safety Officer, REHS

Julius Trimbach

Manager, Camden Facilities Services

Joe Witkowski

Director, Facilities/Utilities

Please feel free to contact members of the committee if you have a question or problem related to occupational safety.