Hot work procedures are required when welding, cutting, brazing, using spark producing equipment or using an open flame in areas that are not normally designated for such work.

This program applies to work performed by Rutgers University employees and contractors performing work in existing buildings, new construction in existing buildings, or new construction attached to existing buildings.

  1. This program does not apply to new construction where there is NO ATTACHMENT to an existing building.
  2. This program does not apply to areas that are specifically designed and equipped for such operations, i.e. maintenance shop areas and designated welding areas.

To obtain a Hot Work Permit, login to the Fire Protection Impairment & Hot Work Request System at

The Hot Work Permit Procedure requires, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Prior authorization from the Online Hot Work Request system.
  2. Verification that the fire alarm system is properly impaired to prevent false fire alarm activations.
  3. Removal of all combustible and flammable materials
  4. Protection of all floor and wall openings
  5. Provision of a fire watch
  6. Fire extinguisher

ALL INCIDENTS (fire, burning, excessive smoke) involving Hot Work will require termination of all Hot Work activities and immediate notification to Rutgers University Emergency Services (RUES).

For an Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Numbers
Rutgers University-Camden
Biomedical and Health Sciences at Newark
Rutgers University-Newark
Rutgers University-New Brunswick



  • Overall Program Management - Alex Ruiz, or call (848) 445 - 2550
  • Rutgers University Emergency Services (RUES) at 848-932-4800