Some of the waste generated in the University Research Laboratories is regulated as Universal Waste and cannot be discarded into the general trash, instead it must be managed appropriately, to protect the environment. These items are identified below, along with guidelines for proper storage and disposal.


Rechargeable batteries are to be collected in laboratories and labeled with the Rutgers universal waste label.

This includes the following: Lead Acid, NiCad, NiMH and Lithium batteries.

These waste materials are picked-up by REHS. Use the link below for requesting a pick-up of rechargeable batteries.

Currently REHS is not collecting non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, these can be discarded in the general trash.

Consumer Electronics

Items such as computers, television, VCR's, stereos and other items, which contain circuit boards, are considered consumer electronics by the universal waste regulations.

Please contact Rutgers Material Services at (732) 445-2255 for the removal of these items.

Mercury Containing Thermostats

Spent mercury containing thermostats are regulated as universal waste. These items should be labeled with the Rutgers universal waste label and stored in a secure zip-lock bag. These waste materials are picked-up by REHS. Use the link below for requesting a pick-up of mercury containing thermostats.

Fluorescent Bulbs and Other Electric Lamps

Spent fluorescent bulbs are managed by the facilities maintenance department. These items are stored in various locations throughout the University.

The following electric lamps are also regulated as universal waste; high intensity discharge, neon, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps.

To request a pick up of spent fluorescent bulbs or other regulated electronic lamps, please contact the Facilities Maintenance Zone responsible for your location.


Laboratory Universal Waste Guidance [pdf]

Online Request for Hazardous Waste Disposal