Rutgers Environmental Health & Safety (REHS) manages the program for the distribution of ethanol for the University. Ethanol is received at the Wright Chemistry Building on Busch Campus and distributed from this location. All requestors must first purchase ethanol through the Chemistry Department by using an IPO # prior to requesting a delivery by REHS. The distribution of ethanol is limited to containers, which are Department of Transportation (DOT) approved. Nalgene containers are not appropriate for this application. The rectangular 5-gallon carboy containers provided by REHS are acceptable.

Please send an email to to request a delivery of ethanol.

Be sure to include your IPO # with your request. Please include the following information in your request:

  • Requestor's Name
  • Department
  • Phone number
  • Campus
  • Building
  • Room Number
  • IPO #
  • Quantity Ordered