Emergency Services has been designated the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) by the NJ State Division of Fire Safety for all Rutgers owned or controlled properties state-wide.  In addition to performing fire safety inspections, as part of the requirements of an AHJ we are required to monitor certain fire safety issues at all Rutgers properties.   Below is a summary of timely notifications that are required to be made to Emergency Services:

An immediate notification, following notification to 9-1-1 or the alternate local emergency number, of the incident must be made to Emergency Services through Rutgers Public Safety Communications 732-932-7211 for the below incident types: 

  • Fire or Explosion That Occur in University Buildings or On University Property
  • Hazardous Materials Releases in University buildings or on University Property
  • Burn Injuries That Occur in University Buildings or On University Property

The below incident types must be reported to Emergency Services as soon as possible utilizing the on-line reporting form or the appropriate systems listed below:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Emergency Services at es@rutgers.edu or 848-932-4800.