Rutgers University, in its commitment to safety on campus and in compliance with the Clery Act, has procedures in place to alert the campus community in a timely manner of certain crimes reported to the University Police that occur either on or near campus.  In the event of a Clery reportable crime that, in the judgment of the Chief of University Police or other authorized command staff member, constitutes a serious or continuing threat to the University community, a campus wide timely warning, also known as a “Crime Alert” will be issued.

About Crime Alerts / Timely Warnings

The Chief of University Police and/or other authorized police command staff member develop the content of the message and initiate the distribution of the timely warning.  The warning will be issued through the Rutgers University email system to students, faculty and staff on the impacted campus. 

The purpose of a timely warning or ‘Crime Alert’ is to maintain an informed campus and to enable members of the campus community to better protect themselves.  Additionally, Crime Alerts will provide the impacted community with available information that will aid in the prevention of similar occurrences. It is the policy of Rutgers that, when issuing timely warnings about crimes occurring on or near campus, the names of victims are considered confidential and will, therefore, be withheld from the messages.

Rutgers University will also prepare and disseminate Off Campus Crime Alerts for serious incidents against Rutgers students, faculty, and staff which occur in areas that are reasonably contiguous to the campus boundaries and those areas surrounding the campuses when the university is made aware of such incidents.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to visit our campus safety page to learn more about the various safety programs and initiatives provided by the Rutgers University Police Department.