Below we have provided a list of email addresses for all RUES personnel. They can also be contacted via their individual voicemails by calling
(848) 932-4800.

If you cannot find the person you are looking for below, please email


William Scott, Chief
Daniel Goresh, Captain
Carol Nowitzke, Manager of Planning & Quality Assurance
Benjamin Garnecki, Inspection Bureau Manager
Kenneth Schuchardt, Assistant Director, Fire Systems Bureau

Emergency Response Bureau

Daniel Goresh, Captain
James Hopkins, Lieutenant
Matthew Kershaw, Lieutenant
Dana Mitchell, Lieutenant
Michael Richards, Lieutenant
Michael Reinbeck, Lieutenant
Brian Sudo, Lieutenant
Todd Summer, Lieutenant
Nicole Dey, Emergency Medical Technician
Katherine Scott, Emergency Medical Technician

Fire Inspection Bureau

Benjamin Garnecki, Inspection Bureau Manager
Noreen Higgins Filan, Fire Inspector
William Guilford, Fire Inspector
Andrew Kubinski, Fire Inspector
Shawn Reu, Fire Inspector
Sean Redl, Fire Inspector
Steve Webb, Fire Inspector

Fire Systems Bureau

Kenneth Schuchardt, Assistant Director - Fire Systems Bureau
Greg Agnello, Fire Alarm Technician
Thomas Boyd, Fire Alarm Technician
Pat Clemente, Fire Alarm Technician
Tom Clemente, Fire Alarm Technician
Lawrence Dimetris, Fire Alarm Technician
Mark Melnyk, Fire Alarm Technician
Jason Springard, Fire Alarm Technician
Brian Steiner, Fire Alarm Technician
Francesco Virgilio, Fire Alarm Technician
Bryan Cavaliere, Fire Sprinkler Inspector
Salvatore DiStasio, Fire Sprinkler Inspector
Jim Elmini, Fire Sprinkler Inspector

Training Center

Carol Nowitzke, Manager of Planning & Quality Assurance
Lee Bender, Trainer/Emergency Medical Technician