Lost ID cards will only be returned or replaced if you have an active university status role, i.e., active student record, active employee appointment or, current guest sponsorship.

Name/Status Change

Your ID card may be reissued at no charge due to a legal name change or a change in your university status (change of school affiliation, employing department, sponsoring unit, etc.), provided that your most recently issued ID card is returned for exchange. Information changes must be processed through the central IT information systems, and updated in the carding system before an updated ID card can be issued.  All replacement cards are issued with existing system information and photos.

Damaged Cards

You are expected to take reasonable care in the use and storage of your ID card. ID cards physically worn or damaged due to normal use are reprinted and replaced free of charge upon the surrendering of all pieces of the old card. Assessment of damage will be at the sole discretion of the ID card office location manager. If damage appears intentional, or if all pieces are not surrendered, you will be required to pay the replacement fee.

Punching holes in ID cards is prohibited. The reissuing of such cards due to related damage is subject to the replacement fee, without exception.

Lost or Stolen Cards

First, suspend your card so that no one else can access your accounts or services. You may do so by sending an email to iam@ipo.rutgers.edu from your Rutgers email account.  Please note that this action is permanent, and that you will have to pay the replacement fee to have a new ID card issued, even if you should later find your card.  Suspended cards can not be reactivated for any reason.

Be sure to also notify Libraries at one of the circulation desks so that your borrowing privileges associated with the barcode on the lost or stolen ID card can be suspended. In the event that you have RUExpress dollars or a meal plan, you will need to contact the RU Express and Board Plan Office at http://food.rutgers.edu/ru-express/.

Next, check your Rutgers email. A notification will be sent to your official university email account if your ID card is found and returned to one of our offices. You must come to the office that is holding your card to retrieve it. There is no fee to retrieve your card.
If your ID card was stolen as the result of a violent crime, contact the Office of Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance at 848/932-1181 to make an appointment to speak with a counselor. In some cases, they will arrange to have the replacement fee waived. Please note that we cannot refund the fee for replacement cards already issued.

Please visit one of the ID card offices to replace your lost/stolen ID card.  You will be required to pay the replacement fee at a University Cashiers' Office.   You will need to bring your paid receipt back to the ID card office location to have your replacement card issued while you wait. Cashier's Receipts must be redeemed within 7 days. Fee payments are non-refundable.

Individuals who pay a replacement fee for a new ID card may request to take a new photo. Otherwise, the ID card will be reissued with the existing photo.  However, the carding system operator or manager may use discretion to request that a new photo be taken, if the existing picture in your carding record is deemed to not satisfy the specifications set by our office policy.

Important Disclaimers - Please Read

  • Declined checks or credit card transactions are subject to an additional fee and must be reconciled by cash payment.
  • All access privileges will be suspended until payment is made.
  • Upon replacement, all previously issued ID cards will be rendered permanently suspended and will not be reactivated under any circumstances.
  • Reissuing lost replacement cards requires an additional replacement fee.
  • The type of ID card issued is dependent on your primary status role in the University.
  • You are permitted to have only one active ID card at any time.

ID cards are non-transferable, and remain the property of Rutgers, the State University of NJ, regardless of any replacement fees paid. We reserve the right to confiscate and destroy all fraudulently used, or inactive cards. You may also be subject to institutional sanctions or criminal penalties. Falsifying information in order to obtain an ID card is identity fraud and may subject you to prosecution to the full extent of the law.