The following information is a reminder to the Rutgers community of university policies concerning adverse weather conditions and resources that will be utilized to disseminate important weather related information to students, faculty, and staff.

Weather Related Information
Communication Method

Depending on the severity of conditions, the emergency text notification system may also be used to disseminate information. Sign up for emergency text notifications. Guests to the University can “opt-in” to receive Emergency Text Notifications for 180 days by texting “RUGuest” to 67283. Messages are not case sensitive.

In the event of a delayed opening, class cancellation, or closure of the university, the earliest possible notification will be made by Campus Information Services (CIS) and/or Public Safety. The following methods may be used to disseminate information:

  • Email: Messages are sent to the campus community when office closings and/or class cancellations take place.
  • The Web: The Rutgers Website and the Campus Status Page will generally include information on office closings, class cancellations, bus schedules, as well as the operational hours for dining halls and recreation/student centers.
  • Campus Television: RU-tv Channel
  • Telephone: RU-info Call Center can be reached at 732-445-INFO (includes a 24-hour voice mail announcement system).
  • Social Media: Rutgers University Facebook page and/or Rutgers University Twitter (@RutgersU) may also post announcements regarding adverse weather conditions.
  • Text Notification: Information may be obtained by texting "Rutgers" to 66746. Depending on the severity of conditions, the emergency text notification system may also be used to disseminate information. Sign up for emergency text notifications.

Faculty and staff may also be notified of campus status through their departmental telephone chains and are encouraged to review their group's emergency telephone chain and update them as needed. Employees are also encouraged to keep an updated list of the home telephone numbers of colleagues both at work and at home. 

Please use the information resources listed above and refrain from calling the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) regarding possible cancellations, closures, or delays. Maintaining the ability of the RUPD to receive emergency calls is vital. A large volume of calls can tie up police phone lines at critical times.

University Policy

Policies regarding adverse weather govern operations and reporting requirements during the declaration of a weather emergency at the university. These policies can be accessed from the University Policy Library or at  Adverse Weather and Emergency Curtailment of Operations 60.1.29.

As in the past, departments are required to notify Essential Services Personnel, in writing, of their designation and to detail what that designation entails in terms of what job duties they may be assigned to perform during a weather emergency. Resources to assist departments in notifying Essential Services Employees can be accessed by following this link: