FAQs - Rutgers Newark Campus Buses

What is the best way to ask a question or provide feedback on the bus system?

Please visit dotshelp.rutgers.edu.

How I do I know if there is a delay or how can I track the location of the buses?

Use the QR code to download the new PassioGo app or visit rutgers.passiogo.com to track your campus bus. Get real-time updates and actual arrival information. Using GPS technology you can track your bus on the app, your cell phone, or your computer browser.

Do I have to pay a fare to ride a Rutgers University bus?

You do not have to pay a fare to ride the bus.

Do I need to show an ID to ride a Rutgers University bus?

Yes, you are required to show ID that shows your affiliation with one of these schools or organizations: Rutgers University, The New Jersey Institute of Technology [NJIT], Rutgers University Biomedical and Health Sciences [RBHS] and University Hospital.

Does the University provide transportation between its Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses?

Rutgers University does not provide bus service between Rutgers University New Brunswick, Rutgers University Camden and Rutgers University Newark. The NJ Transit (NJT) “Northeast Corridor” trains provide frequent service between the New Brunswick and Newark train stations. A transfer to the NJT River Line service at the Trenton train station connects Camden to the “Northeast Corridor” trains.

How do I plan my travel between Newark and Kearny?
  • NJ Transit has various services that service the city of Newark.
  • Visit the NJ Transit website here, or plan your trip using NJ Transit’s Trip Planner.

Note that NJ Transit offers discounts for full-time college students on NJ Transit monthly rail, bus, or light rail passes. More information about student savings can be found here and Student Pass info can be found here.

  • Rutgers University Newark full-time students can sign up for transit discount here.
  • NJ Transit also offers travel discounts via its FLEXPASS program. Click here for more info.
Does the bus system run 24/7?

The Rutgers Newark Bus System is in service Monday-Friday from 6:45 AM until 12:15 AM, though specific routes only run during certain hours.

The Newark Penn Station Midnight Express Security Shuttle that operates between Newark Penn Station and Boyden Hall is in service daily from 12 AM until 4 AM.

What if I lose an item on a bus?

Items of value lost in a Rutgers Newark Campus Bus will be turned over to the Rutgers Police Department [RUPD]-Newark Division. More information about our Lost and Found system can be found here.

For more information or questions, please visit dotshelp.rutgers.edu

dotsFor all DOTS related information and inquiries, please visit DOTSHelp.rutgers.edu.