Special Event and Program Parking Permits

Rutgers hosts thousands of programs and events each year. These programs and events often need many services and parking permissions to ensure a safe and well-coordinated event.

A Special Event is any event over 10 people requiring the use of a parking facility and is not a reoccurring event (same attendees on a weekly or biweekly basis over an extended period of time).

Arrange Special Event Parking

Faculty, staff, and students, please submit the Special Event Parking Request.  

University Hospital employees, alumni, or other guests of the University, please send us an email at dotshelp@rutgers.edu. In the email provide us with the name of the event, dates of the event, location, start and end times, the number of vehicles you expect, as well as the contact information for your event coordinator. 


  • Event parking does not include metered parking or free parking for faculty, staff, or students.
  • Signs are posted to inform invited guests. 
  • Faculty, staff, and students must have a Rutgers parking permit (Semester, Daily, or Event) and park accordingly. Faculty, staff, and students parking without a parking permit or outside their parking permit assignment will be subjected to ticketing and/or towing.  
  • Requests will be reviewed and processed within 5 business days in the order received 
Special Programs

Special Program parking permits are for the use of individuals who are visiting the campus and are taking a non-credited course or program, which is run on a regular basis. These may include workshops, lecture series, instructional programs, etc. These parking permits are valid for the length of one program. This permit allows parking in commuter lots on the campus where the program is held or a lot specified on the permit by DOTS. Special Program parking permits are not to be used by University faculty/staff or students and will result in ticketing, and or towing. Special Program permits are not valid for overnight or metered parking.

Please submit the Special Program Parking Permit.

Student Run Programs

If a current student is running a one-time only program (fundraiser, workshop, lecture, dance, etc.) and needs to drop off or pick up materials, the student should submit a request below on the special event parking request form. The request will be reviewed by Special Event staff within five business days. The student must already have a current Rutgers parking permission on the vehicle that is going to be used prior to the request being considered. If the student does not have a current Rutgers parking permission, the student must purchase a Temporary parking permission if the request is granted. If granted the student will be advised via email. An electronic note will be attached to the vehicle requested and will last only for the time frame and location approved in the email.

One Day Visitor Parking Permits

One day parking permits are issued to University departments to provide parking to visitors on a one day basis only. This parking permit is for use by visitors only, persons not affiliated with Rutgers University. Use of this parking permit by students, faculty, or staff will result in a citation for fraudulent use of a parking permit. For more information on visitor parking please click here.

Services Available for Programs and Events

A Special Event is any event over 10 people requiring the use of a parking facility and is not a reoccurring event (same attendees on a weekly or biweekly basis over an extended period of time).

  • Special Event Parking Permit (non-Rutgers vehicles only)
  • Special Event Signage
  • Parking Attendants
  • Traffic Monitors
  • Road Blocks Transportation

A contact person for the planned event is required to work with our Special Events Coordinator to obtain these services and distribute permits or information to event attendees. There are costs associated with providing event signage, parking personnel, and transportation. Special Event Parking Permits are not valid for faculty, staff, or students. They are for special event attendees who are not affiliated with Rutgers University. 

dotsFor all DOTS related information and inquiries, please visit DOTSHelp.rutgers.edu.