How do I purchase an E-permit?
  • Please visit the parking website. You will need to log in with your NetID and password to purchase a permit.
How can I pay for parking?

Online: credit or debit card here.

Will I receive a physical permit pass?

Rutgers uses license plate recognition (LPR). You will not receive a hang tag or sticker.

Can I add multiple vehicles to my parking permit?

Yes, you can add multiple vehicles to your permit. However, only one vehicle can be on campus at a time. If more than one vehicle is parking on campus this will result in multiple citations.

Where can I park?

Students may only park in lots designated for students, and faculty/staff may only park in lots designated for faculty/staff. (MAPS)

I just purchased a new vehicle with temporary tags. Do I need to register it?
  • Yes, please register any new vehicle, even with temporary tags, that you will be parking on campus. Temporary tags must be registered as a license plate number, not a VIN number.
  • Once the permanent plates are received, revisit the portal and add your new plates. Make sure your license plate is entered correctly; one letter or number off will result in a virtual ticket.
I have state handicap accessibility. What if there are no accessible parking spaces available?

All patrons (students, faculty, staff, visitors and vendors) who require accessible parking, temporary or permanent, to park in university parking areas must obtain a valid Rutgers Virtual Parking Permit.

  • To obtain a Virtual Parking Permit visit:
  • To add Accessible Parking Privileges to your Virtual Permit visit here.

If you have accessible parking permissions, you may park in any parking space in any lot provided if it is not a reserved stall.

I see a lot of reserved spaces available, am I able to park there?

No. Reserved spaces are designated for specific individuals within the university.

I received a virtual ticket and I do not believe I deserved it. How can I dispute it?

You may log-on to your parking portal and appeal the virtual ticket. Please give time for a response. You will be notified of the decision via email.

How can I pay my parking virtual ticket?

You may pay your virtual ticket online through the parking website by credit or debit.

I have a rental vehicle, what do I do about parking?

You must go to the portal and register the license plate

  • Click the “+ Add” button in the vehicles section.
  • Once in the “Add Vehicle” screen, click Rental Vehicle and enter a rental end date. 
  • Click Save when you are done. The rental vehicle will automatically be dropped from your permit on the rental end date. 
  • Alternatively you can leave the rental end date blank; but, in that case you must remember to manually remove the rental vehicle from your permit.
Do I need to purchase a permit if I only plan to park on campus at night and on the weekends?
  • Yes. Any vehicle parking on university property must purchase a permit.
  • Night only permits are available for students on some campuses. For more information about Night Commuter Permits check under commuter permits here.

Student Section

Can I pay for my parking permit with financial aid?

No, we do not bill financial aid for your parking.

Can you add my parking cost to my term bill?

Yes, select Term Bill as your payment option at the time of purchase.

I am living off campus, but do not have a place to park my vehicle. Am I eligible for a Rutgers resident parking permit?

Yes, there are a limited amount of Off Campus Living permits which allow for 24 hour parking in specific resident lots.

  • Click here for a list of student permits.
  • Please visit your city's parking authority to find options for street parking near your off-campus home.
I paid my virtual ticket online. When will the hold be removed from my account?

Hold are automatically removed within 48 business hours of the payment

I am a student bringing my vehicle on campus only for a day or a few days. Can I purchase a daily parking permit?

Students can purchase one-day virtual permit using the Passport parking app

Visit, or download the app from Apple/Google Play Store.

The Rutgers Parking Zones are:

  • Zone 9647 is valid at all New Brunswick student lots
  • Zone 9645 is valid at the Livingston deck in New Brunswick
  • Zone 9648 is valid at Deck 3 and Eagle East Lot 509A
  • Zone 9649 is valid at all Camden student lots
How can I purchase a parking permit for my guest who is visiting me?

Purchase your daily or hourly permit via the Passport Parking app using the following Zone Numbers:

  • Zone 9647 is valid at all New Brunswick student lots
  • Zone 9645 is valid at the Livingston deck in New Brunswick
  • Zone 9648 is valid at Deck 3 and Eagle East Lot 509A
  • Zone 9649 is valid at all Camden student lots
  • Get the app at, or the Apple/Google Play Store

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