Additional Parking

Accessible parking privileges is available upon request but will be reviewed for consideration by the department. Submitted forms does not guarantee approval and a valid parking permit is required to file the request. Additional Parking request is examined on a case-by-case basis. If approved, a $30 additional fee will be charged for the additional parking access. 

Complete Additional Parking Request form. Explain why, where, and when you need additional parking. Back-to-back classes will not be accepted as a reason for additional parking. Employment will not be accepted as a reason for additional parking. Night commuter parking permissions are not eligible for additional parking.

Additional Parking for Medical Needs

Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and vendors who require accessible parking, temporary or permanent, to park in university parking areas must obtain a valid Rutgers Virtual Parking Permit. Request for medical needs also requires the treating physician to submit a Certification of Medical Needs form. The Certification of Medical Needs form will be reviewed by one of the university doctors. Both forms must be filled out completely and once the forms are reviewed and approved by the university doctor, we will notify the student by email.

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