The type of parking permit you hold will determine the parking areas that you may park in at designated times. While the Department of Transportation Services makes every effort to maintain safe university parking areas, we do not assume responsibility for security of vehicles or their contents while parked on university property.

The parking lots listed below are available to anyone with a Faculty/Staff parking permit. Gated lots require the use of a keycard that can be obtained at the Department of Transportation Services. Assigned lots are linked to your parking permit. There is a map for each campus that shows the location of all university parking lots.

Faculty/Staff lots are open 8:00am-2:00am unless otherwise specified below. If you are traveling on University business and must leave your vehicle on campus, please email our office with the license plate information, travel dates, a contact phone number, and brief reason for leaving your vehicle at

Parking on the Health Sciences Campuses
To obtain a key card for P1/Norfolk, P2/Bergen and P3/DOC bring your receipt to the office located in P2/Bergen.
*There is a $15.00 replacement fee for lost cards; please email for information on how to pay and pick up your replacement card.

Rutgers University- Newark

Rutgers University- Camden

Health Sciences Campus at Newark
Lot 1, 1A, 1B, 4A, 5, 5A, 5B, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, ACC Lot, P1, P2, P3 and the CRC Lot 

Health Sciences Campus in Piscataway
94 Paterson and 96 Paterson
Lots A, B and C

Busch Campus
Lots 48, 51, 51B, 53A, 54, 54A, 56, 58, 58A, 58C, 59, 60A, 60B, 61, 62, 63, 63A, 63B, 63C, 64, 66B, 67, 68, 602 Russell Apartments, and Gated lot 55
Lot 49 from 4:00 PM - 2:00AM
Lot 50 from 4:00PM - 2:00AM 
Lot 67 from 2:00AM - 8:00AM

College Avenue Campus 
Lots 7,11, 12, 13, 20, 26, 30, 33, 36, College Ave Deck and Gated Lots 11, 16, and the Public Safety Deck near Douglass Campus
Lot 32 from 4:00PM - 2:00AM
Lot 11, 13 & 20 from 2:00AM - 8:00AM

Cook Campus
Lots 94, 95, 97, 98A, 98B, 99A, 99B, 99C, 99D,  808, Corwin and Lipman Drive 
Lot 97 from 2:00AM - 8:00AM
Lot 78 from 8:00PM - 2:00AM

Douglass Campus
Lots 70, 71A, 74A, 75, 76, 81, 82, 83, 84, 86, 88, 96, 96A, Douglass Deck and Gated 79A
Lot 69 from 4:00pm - 2:00am
Lot 82 from 6:00pm – 8:00am

Livingston Campus
Lots 101, 103, 105, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, Scarlet, Green, 
Lot 101 from 2:00AM - 8:00AM

Newark Campus
Lots 502, 504A, 504B, 506, 507, 508, 509A (Eagle East) and Deck 3 (180 Washington Street)

Camden Campus
Lots C1, C2, C3, C14 and City Lots 15 and 16