RUDOTS manages and operates the on-campus bicycle rental program. This program provides students at Rutgers University New Brunswick access to bicycles from transportation and recreational purposes. To participate in the program students must register online and pay a rental fee before they obtain their bike.

This program promotes sustainable transportation options, encourages physical activity, and contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly campus community.

Rent a Bike


Rental and Replacement Fees
Rental Fees
Bike Type Semester
Step-Through $50.00
Regular $50.00

Replacement Fees
Replacement Types Price
Lost/Stolen/Not Returned (Bicycle Replacement) $649.99
Frame $499.99
Front Wheel $79.99
Rear Wheel $164.99
Crankset Replacement $59.99
Left Crank Replacement $29.99
Right Crank Replacement $39.99
Chain Replacement $32.99
Saddle Replacement $49.99
Seatpost Replacement $29.99
Lock Replacement $29.99
Front Light Replacement $29.99
Rear Light Replacement $22.00
Bell Replacement $12.99
Pedal Replacement $21.99
Grips Replacement $12.99
3 Speed Shifter and Bell Housing Kit $59.99
Replacement Bicycle Tire 26" $25.99
Bicycle Rental Agreement

Participation Agreement

Rental Locations

In order to acquire a bicycle, you need to begin by completing the online registration at

Once you receive a confirmation email validating your reservation you can pick up your bike from 6 Berrue Circle, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Bicycle Safety Tips & Training
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