The following are the records management services that are provided to the Rutgers University community.

Boxes & Labels

University Records Management will provide standard record storage boxes to the department/unit for storage. All boxes will be requested through University Records Management. Unique bar-coded labels will be generated and delivered to each unit upon request. All requests for boxes and/or barcode labels can be sent to

Records Pick-up

Boxes will get picked up and delivered to the Record Center when approved through our records management software.

Records Storage

University boxes will be scanned upon delivery, entered into our records management software and placed on shelving at the Records Center. Boxes will be stored on our newly installed high bay shelving which is temperature controlled.

Records Request

If a unit/department needs to retrieve a box (or individual file), there will be four options to facilitate this request:

  • Onsite – The department can request box and go to Record Center to view/take the box/file
  • Standard - Retrieval/Delivery of box/file to requesting department
  • Premium - Special Retrieval/Delivery
  • Scan on demand – Electronic delivery of requested items


Any activity pertaining to a request and return of box/file to shelf is considered stacking.

Records Destruction

Per our university retention schedules, boxes that have satisfied their retention will be eligible for destruction. Through our records management software, units/departments will be notified of a body of records that are eligible for destruction. Upon proper approval and authorization, permanent removal and destruction of selected items (shredding) will be performed at the records center. To learn more about records destruction click here.

Additional Service

(File Indexing) Create a file-level inventory of box – Records Management staff can create individual box inventories for units/departments that require/request such a need. This will provide a detailed listing for units/department to refer back to records stored at the Record Center. Rates may apply for out-of-scope services.