Proper records management satisfies compliance with laws and regulations while ensuring that historically significant records are preserved. Efficient records management also offers guidance on the maintenance, retention, storage, and disposition of official records based on their fiscal, legal, administrative, and historical value to the university.

Rutgers Records Management Program

Rutgers University Records Management Program Services:

  • Safe, secure, economical, and convenient storage for inactive and semi-active paper and electronic records at our Records Center
  • On-line access to your records that allows you to search the database, request items, export data, print reports, and much more
  • Prompt and reliable retrieval and delivery service for requested boxes or files
  • Prompt and reliable pick-up service for new boxes and returned items
  • Approved records management storage boxes for your files
  • Records retention schedules that define how long your records must be retained to meet legal, fiscal, administrative or historical requirements
  • Shredding services for boxes that have met their retention requirements
  • Audit/review rooms equipped with a computer, phone, and copier to view your records at the Records Center
  • Consultation services to help you manage the life cycle of your records from their creation to their disposal

Records Management Facility

The University centralized storage facility is equipped with fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, security systems and is temperature controlled throughout the year. Access to the facility is limited to authorized personnel. Audit/Review rooms are available and should be scheduled in advance.