Records management affords legal protection for the institution by satisfying federal and state statutory requirements and ensuring that historically significant records are preserved to document the great history of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Procedure for Records Destruction or Disposition

No boxes or files will be destroyed without authorization from the originating department. All processes and authorization will be electronically signed through the records management software.

Departments (authorized users) will be notified via email to review a destruction SP notice.

Through the Records Management SP software, the authorized user will:

  • Authorize the destruction of those boxes that have met their retention requirements and have no holds placed on them;
  • Correct erroneous disposal dates (must be consistent with the records retention policy and applicable schedule); or
  • Classify boxes that need to be placed on HOLD for tax, audit, or legal reasons.
The RURM will make note of any changes and prepare a final destruction report listing only those boxes that have been approved for destruction.

RURM will gather the boxes and have them shredded. A certificate of destruction will be retained at the Records Center for all boxes destroyed.
Procedure for Retrieving Records

To retrieve items from the Records Center, authorized users can place requests:

Delivery Times: Requests made by 3:30p will be delivered the next business day (Newark/Camden may take additional time). Rush requests made by 3:30pm will be delivered in 4 business hours (Business hours are 8:30am -5:00pm).

Procedure for Returning Records (Re-files)

To return items (boxes or files) that were requested, authorized users can place a request for pick up: