Parking Lot Construction Advisory

*Construction Begins 2/13

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A major solar power generation project is being implemented across Rutgers University and will significantly increase the amount of solar energy generated and used across all campuses. The project will be implemented at no cost to the university. Solar generation will come online in late 2023. 

Implementation of the project aligns with the university’s commitment to its Climate Action Plan.  

Under a Solar Development/Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Rutgers Division of Institutional Planning and Operations (IP&O) has licensed DSD Renewables to design, build, own, operate, and maintain solar canopies on Rutgers parking lots across its campuses and its off-campus location at 33 Knightsbridge Road. Using canopy-solar technology, the project will create beneficial shade and cover, reduce urban heat island effects of surface parking lots, and reduce the solar gain of the cars parked beneath it on sunny days, and provide cover from snowfall. 

Rutgers will purchase the electric output generated from the solar panels at a rate less than purchasing it from the local utility company. The project is expected to offset millions of dollars in energy costs. DSD will install 17 solar systems, totaling 14.8 MWs. Once complete, the canopies will not affect the number of parking spots in each lot. 

Please check back for frequent updates. 


Call University Facilities Project Services at (848) 445-1234.