Becoming a leader doesn’t happen overnight. At Rutgers, we believe that hard work cultivates success, which, in turn, invites greatness. It is no surprise that Rutgers University has long established itself as the university to emulate—for academics, research, and recycling.

As early as 1972, Rutgers University began its journey to environmental sustainability by establishing a voluntary recycling program. The movement has continued to grow and evolve through the years into an award-winning recycling program.

The Rutgers recycling program has enjoyed many successes, including in the annual RecycleMania competition, winning the “Total Recycling” category for 11 successive years!

As an academic institution, we believe we have an obligation to strive to be the most environmentally responsible university possible. Our consumption and use of products are inevitable, but it is not inevitable that these activities result in environmental devastation or mountains of waste.

Be part of the solution and help lead Rutgers to a sustainable future and recycle right!